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Digitall Farmer is a company specialized in developing digital solutions for the agriculture and food sectors in Africa.

Technological Expertise
Real and Sustainable Impact
Qualified Team
Collaboration and Partnerships
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Our Missions

Transform African Agriculture through Technology


Access to Data
Ensure permanent access to reliable and quality data.


Access to Advice
Provide quality advice and support.
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Access to Market
Ensure permanent access to the market for small and large producers.
Our Focus

Promote Digital Agricultural Excellence

Visibility of Agricultural Products

We ensure the visibility of agricultural products in Benin and around the world.

Diagnosis and Installation of Automated Irrigation

We assess the water needs of crops, soil and climate conditions, then install a system that automatically regulates water supply based on these parameters.

Digital Literacy and Education

We train farmers on various useful digital tools.

Remote Control of Digital Installations

We implement technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and network connectivity.

Access to the Market Without Intermediaries

We streamline the sales chain with our e-commerce system.

Web and Mobile Development

We design web and mobile applications for agriculture, agri-food, and the environment.

Our Team

Discover the founding team of Digitall Farmer



Adonaï da MATHA


Ulysse LARY


Our Partners

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Vêdoko von funai, Cotonou, Bénin.


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