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Digital at the service of agriculture

Digitall Farmer is a company specializing in the development of digital solutions for the agricultural sector

A multitude of solutions to enable producers to produce better, to be more efficient in their production and to avoid post-harvest losses by always selling more.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with the actors concerned after identification together of their problems.

Our services

Digitall Farmer aims to put digitall at the service of agriculture. We mainly offer three (03) types of solutions.

Development of technological solutions

Digital technologies, internet, mobile technologies and devices, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digitally delivered applications and services are transforming agriculture and the food system.

In this regard, Digitall Farmer develops technological solutions (web, app and object using technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IOT, etc.) for the agricultural and food sector. Our solutions bring added value through better decision-making or even more efficient operations and management.

Literacy and digital education of farmers

Today farmers need more reliable information on the weather forecast, the availability of seeds, fertilizers, labor … Thanks to ICTs, they can easily access this information. But many of these farmers don’t know how to use digital tools.

Digitall Farmer aims to make farmers literate and educate them on the various digital tools useful for agriculture through training and extension sessions. These training sessions are conducted both in French and in local languages.

Marketing and communications

Marketing being one of the biggest concerns of producers, Digitall Farmer offers support for access to the market for producers through its “Aliments Benin ” platform.

We also support producers in their communication through various digital marketing and communication services (Graphic design, community management, professional photo and video shooting, streaming, distribution, etc.).

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